‘I am drawn to beauty, the dramatic effect of light and shadow, the excitement of colour and the depth of a form. I seek to capture a moment that holds both wonder and deep connection to something profound, that for me, accompanies stillness and inspires reflection.’ 


Anita’s paintings are masterful works of realism created by applying numerous layers of transparent glazes in oil. This creates a fine finish that at first glance appears almost photographic. Originally trained as a photographer and filmmaker, photography is an integral part of her process.

The transparency of these thin layers of oil paint allows for light to illuminate the works revealing a depth of color and luminosity that makes the work appear to be three- dimensional. The overall effect is a mesmerizing and somewhat other-worldly realism. The simplicity of composition combined with great skill and attention to detail speaks of this artist’s appreciation of beauty, light and shadow, stillness and reflection. 

In my own words

"Born hearing-impaired in the 60’s, an era lacking in technology or the understanding of special needs, my resulting journey was fraught with disconnection and confusion. Making art has helped me navigate and reconcile with those challenges, a journey that continues to this day."

"From when I first began in ’98 painting has been the primary way for me to connect with both my inner and outer worlds. When I received my first digital hearing aids in 2003 my art was the means through which I navigated the profound and chaotic impact of hearing so many sounds for the first time."

"The actual act of painting for me brings up into my awareness something I refer to as embodied knowledge. My experience as a classically trained ballet dancer and fitness trainer has honed my awareness as to how my body communicates with me as I work on a piece. I can experience physical ailments or my emotional body will become activated, as I work, which is not always comfortable. However it is the process of accepting whatever turns up that in turn becomes both transformative and healing - a subtle alchemy. It is as if the body has things to tell me that my intellect could never begin to conceive. So painting for me is an inside job that results in an outward manifestation. I never know where a painting will take me but the end result is always that I am left in awe of how little I know, how nothing is as simple or complex as it seems, how profoundly we are all interconnected with everyone and everything all of the time - in ways we cannot possibly fathom."

"The more I paint the more I see, learn and evolve both as a person and as an artist. The inspiration for me is in the journey, and my art is the means with which I am able to both explore and share it.” 

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